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What's your Bithday Flower

Did you know that every month of the year has a flower type that belongs to that month?

Why not include your friend or loved one's month-flower in your next floral birthday gift to them? It will add that special something to your gift, and it will show you care!

To ensure your next floral gift includes the month-flower of your choice, simply select any product from our range, and include your specific preferences in the 'preference field' on the order form when placing your order.

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Birthday Flowers

  • January Carnation
  • February Violet
  • March Jonquil
  • April Daisy
  • May Lily of the Valley
  • June Rose
  • July Delphinium
  • August Gladiolus
  • September Aster
  • October Calendula
  • November Chrysanthemum
  • December Poinsettia

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