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Say I'm Sorry with a Bouquet of Flowers

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Say I'm Sorry with a Bouquet of Flowers

Flowers are a great "I am sorry" gift. They come in all sorts of colours and styles to suit just how sorry you are. And, they can be delivered just about anywhere almost immediately; important when you need to apologize in a hurry!

What Sorry Flowers Should I Send?

Fresh flowers have the tendency of alleviating the mood and bringing with it a wave of joyous feelings that help you get over past hurts. Sending flowers to tell someone you are sorry is the best way of bringing peace and also showing that you care. Cherishing someone is immensely important especially people who care for us. Try sending flowers they really help the process of reconciliation and have over the years bridged numerous divides. If it's a romantic apology, red roses are the safe and sure tradition. If it's a friend, something in a colour that suits their personality - bright, vibrant, pastels, feminine for example. You are the best judge and really, you can't go too wrong with flowers. See our language of flowers for floral hints. If you would like something longer lasting, consider our flowering plant range. For more "I am sorry" gift ideas, choose from the list below: Flower Arrangement, Roses, Plant Gifts, Gift Baskets, Unique Gifts

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