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Fundraising Ideas for Community Groups

For more advice on gifts and flower delivery in this category, see the information below.


Fundraising Ideas for Community Groups

Petals has a great online fundraing ideas program that is free to join and promises great returns for fundraising groups. Visit ourpartners and charities websitefor details and to register.

Why Choose us for Fundraising?

With the Petals online affiliate network the members of your community group - a school, charity, church, alumni organization - or any other group of like minded people who want to contribute to a fundraising drive can buy gifts of flowers, hampers and a host of other gift products either for themselves or for delivery to others. They PAY NO MORE than they would for these gifts normally but we rebate a share of each sale to your group registered with us.

You will be working with one of the leading flower and gift companies in Australia, New Zealand and the UK where we have our own operations.

We have a great deal of experience with fundraising groups and are happy to pass this on to you as your success is our success.

We offer you the choice of using our free affiliate marketing tools or of joining us via Clicks Galore and Commission Monster.

Visit Petals' Partners websitefor details and to register.

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