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Information About the Meaning of Flowers

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Information About the Meaning of Flowers

In the eras gone by lovers would communicate with the secret language of flowers. Each flower had a meaning and thus sending a particular kind of carnation; say a white carnation automatically meant that you were remembered. Every occasion was filled with the fragrance of casablanca lilies as they signified celebrations. However, one major concern that lovers faced constantly was how to send flowers that would stay fresh till they reached their beloved. A few decades later the solution to this problem came with the establishment of a local florist. As the world advanced and distance became another major issue, even a local florist shop could not help these perplexed lovers.

Thankfully we are in a day and age when we can send flowers internationally with the help of an online florist. Using a flower delivery service has never been easier as the internet has done away with the need of a florists directory. Now one can choose from a variety of quality florists and make arrangements for an international flower delivery at the click of a button. An online florist not only facilitates worldwide flower delivery but now one can send gifts and flowers as well.

However, over the years the true meaning of flowers has been lost and only a few people look at flowers beyond their beauty and fragrance. Nowadays the most common choice of flower to be sent to express one's love is the Rose. However, what is less known is that a pink rose signifies friendship, a combination of white and red roses signifies unity, a yellow rose signifies zeal, a white rose signifies purity and a red rose signifies passionate love.

The bright yellow sunflowers signify adoration whereas the orchid signifies delicate beauty. A forget-me-not means exactly what its name sounds like, remember me forever. A magnolia stands for dignity. The jasmine stands for grace and elegance. Different colored chrysanthemums have different meanings, like the brown chrysanthemum stands for excitement, the white stands for truth, the red stands for sharing and the yellow means one has a secret admirer.

Flowers hold meaning not only for lovers but also for married couples as it is believed that a pansy should be gifted on the first wedding anniversary, a cosmos should be gifted on a second, a fuchsia on the third, a geranium on the fourth and a daisy on the fifth anniversary. Thereafter, a day lily would be appropriate for the 20th anniversary while an iris should be sent on the 25th anniversary and violets should be sent for the 50th anniversary.

Since each flower had a specific meaning to it, lovers in the Victorian era did not send any letters along with them. With the change of time the meanings of flowers were forgotten, however, they still grace every celebration and make the most appropriate gift for any occasion. However, even now their beauty and fragrance leaves us mesmerized. With a little thought and research you can add more meaning to your gift the next time you send flowers online.

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